Our Services.

Film Underwriting Development

‚ÄčIf our company approves of an Entertainment Production Company's financial objectives by obtaining the following:

  • Top Sheet of Budget
  • Full Budget
  • Synopsis
  • Script
  • Script Analysis
  • Cash Flow/Drawdown Schedule
  • Copy-right holder information
  • Directors Look Book

Bridge Financing

Is a secured loan made to a production prior to its primary production facility closing with another recognized Lender.  Without a bridge that cash-flow the independent producers may risk losing actors and other key "elements" while waiting for their main bank loan to close.  This may help the production of the Film or TV series from falling apart.  We work along side the production bank, so when the production bank closes, the production repays "Global's and it's partners bridge loan in full including fees.

Global Entertainment Management Group has been formed for the purpose of developing, focuses on procuring credit facility, structuring tailor-made funding, working capital & some rare occasions equity funds for independent and slate of films production.  GLOBAL has high level direct relationships to check writers of private and institutional financing entity & investors as the underwriter or on a "white paper" deal.  This gives our Company the cutting edge our client needs, by pre-underwriting and packaging the production materials/elements for a streamline towards funding allowing pre & post production.

Products and Services

  • Bridge/Gap Financing - first lien Position, first in first out with terms and conditions applied, limited to the lower of 15% up to 40% of the Films Budget or $3 Million Dollars , subject to approval.
  • Product Integration - potentially providing products & possible cash-flow towards production per Films Budget, percentage subject to the content supported by a large number of impressions that targets a large range of clients both domestic & international demographics with  great potential for marketing strategies.
  • Motion Picture & Video Distribution - World-wide through our strategic alliances.
  • Marketing & Advertising - World-wide through our strategic alliances.
  • Slate Financing - (a) 5 Films minimum $5 M up to $15 M with a major US Motion Picture Studio, (b) $25 M and up must have equity funds raised with Major Studio release/Distribution Company will be the client and (c) $50 M up to $250 M must have closed equity funds to half raised US theatrical distribution in place for each film.